Psychoeducational Evaluations

What is a

Psychoeducational Evaluation?

A psychoeducational evaluation thoroughly assesses various factors of a child or adolescent’s abilities to identify strengths and challenges affecting their performance in the learning environment. Depending on the concern, this may involve evaluating general intelligence, academic achievement, memory, attention, executive functioning, social-emotional skills, and behavior. The evaluation results are then used to guide the identification of suitable diagnoses and recommendations to support the child’s learning.

Child receiving a psychoeducational Evaluation

Does my Child Need a Psychoeducational Evaluation?  

Psychoeducational evaluations are beneficial for any family looking to better understand their child’s unique learning profile. Usually, they are conducted when there is a concern about a child’s learning abilities. Psychoeducational evaluations help to identify potential disabilities related to learning, which is an important step to accessing necessary educational supports.   

How to Prepare my Child for a Psychoeducational Evaluation?  

It is important to prepare your child ahead of time for testing appointments. Your child will be asked to do a variety of activities, some of which may be easy, but many of which will be challenging. Ensure they are well rested and well fed prior to their appointment. Explain to your child that they will be doing a variety of different activities to figure out how they learn best. This will allow us to better help them at school! Avoid telling your child he or she will be playing games. Instead, acknowledge that they may be asked to do hard things, but encourage them to give their best effort.   

What to Expect from a Psychoeducational Evaluation?

After submitting a contact form below, our independently licensed school psychologist will contact you to discuss your concerns for your child and determine if we are a good fit to meet your needs. You will then be asked to complete intake paperwork. Following the receipt of your paperwork, a customized battery of assessments will be designed for your child and testing appointments will be scheduled. Testing appointments last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your child’s stamina. After all testing appointments are completed, the results are then compiled into a psychoeducational report. You will meet with our school psychologist to review the assessment results, diagnoses, and recommendations.    

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